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Automated and most efficient department, offering to our customers a reliable warehousing service. Our team can offload (1 x 40ft) container in (25) minutes while they arrange any order within (1) hour only! Using powerful Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that provide full inventory management control over multiple countries/warehouses.

Repack / Relabel

Unstuffing / stuffing containers

100% updated reporting system

Resorting (69cbm) just in (8) hours

Cable drum reading in less than (5) minutes


Fully automated Warehousing Management System

CARGO4U WMS is a web-based Warehouse Management System. It covers all stages of the business, from receipt of merchandise to its return.

3PL Warehouse Manager Cloud-Based WMS offers the following features:​

  • Managing multiple customers, each with different processes and billing schedule

  • Responding to the ever-growing customer demands for real-time information.

  • Providing turnkey integrations with the latest warehouse management technologies (barcode scanning, e-commerce shopping carts, etc.

  • Connect with warehouses globally.

  • Mobile App for QR Barcode scanning

Warehousing solutions with accurate inventory control

Managing a supply chain requires a few basics. Transportation, warehousing facilities, and inventory control are the keys to maximizing your bottom line. Warehouses anywhere will store your assets and can deliver them to the end-user fast and on time.

Simplifying supply chain
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